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Here are a few of our accomplishments from the past Kiwanis year (2022 through Sept. 2023):

School Accomplishments in the Kiwanis Year Ending September 30, 2023

James Whitcomb Riley #43

  • Purchased classroom charging station with secure storage for Chromebooks
  • Helped provide iPads for fitness monitoring
  • Helped purchase a classroom iPad

Phalen Academy #48

  • Purchased headphones for 1st Graders to help them focus
  • Purchased manipulatives to learn math in grades 3-5

Butler Lab School #55

  • Helped purchase materials to help Kindergarten and 1st Graders study rocks
  • Helped provide new paints for art projects
  • Helped purchase materials to study fossils and dinosaurs

Sidener Academy #59

  • Funded robotics clubs

Rousseau McClellan #91

  • Helped purchase Boomwhackers and books to help students learn musical pitch
  • Funded a new vegetable garden, including hardscape, materials, and plants

Purdue Polytechnic High School North

  • Gave funds to support summer science camp, called Dream Big, to encourage the pursuit of STEM education in high school
  • Gave funds to purchase hardwood for use in maker projects
  • Gave funds to assist students in attending Government class field trip to Washington DC and Philadelphia

Shortridge High School

  • Purchased scientific calculators
  • Helped purchase materials for percussion in the music department, including drumsticks, marimba mallets, stick bags, and tuning clips
  • Helped provide visual arts materials to assist students in advancing photography arts
  • Purchased 2 3D human skeletons to use in teaching anatomy
  • Helped purchase a high quality camera for use in photography and design education
  • Helped purchase scientific calculators, safety glasses and supplies


  • Provided STEAM kits to Brightlane Learning (formerly School on Wheels) for use in tutoring
  • Purchased 120 cases for ukuleles of the El Sistema music program. We previously funded the acquisition of ukuleles when the program was initiated

Service to Community

  • As a Go Fourth activity, pulled invasive garlic mustard plants at Broad Ripple Park
  • Went on a walking tour of Holliday Park, identifying native plants and trees
  • Cleaned and maintained our adopted median at 70th and College on a weekly basis
  • Co-sponsored the clean-up of Broad Ripple Village on the first Saturday of every month
  • Sponsored the paper products recycling bin behind Einstein Bagels in Broad Ripple


  • Hosted the second annual Pumpkin Smash for STEAM Cash. Held at Half Liter BBQ, this free family event features pumpkin drop from scissor lift, smashing pumpkins on the ground, arts events for kiddos, live music, on-line auction, and Dine-to-Donate generosity of Half Liter restaurant, a Sahm establishment
  • Hosted a beer and chocolate tasting, raising funds to assist students to attend field trips

Other Donations and Efforts

  • Held bi-weekly lunch meetings at Half Liter BBQ, and monthly Think with a Drink at various locations
  • `As part of monthly Go Fourth activities, we collected canned goods and donated them to a food pantry
  • We collected food, hygiene items, and clothing for the health clinic at Avondale Meadows
  • Continued to support Haverford Little League
  • Donated funds to support after-school STEAM programs of AYS
  • Continued support of STEAM-focused summer day camp scholarships at Jordan YMCA
  • Focused on membership growth with outreach in the Broad Ripple area